TacDex™: Pirates


TacDex™: Pirates - Make'em Walk The Plank!

TacDex IS WAR...LIKE YOU'VE NEVER PLAYED IT BEFORE! In Pirates TacDex players duel to the finish while the Battle Marker determines if high or low card wins each battle. Special Action Cards add new challenges so that no two games are ever the same. Designed by award winning  game designer Richard Borg.

Ages 8+ | 2 Players | 10 Minutes | MSRP $9.95

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2 Decks (Crimson Corsairs or Midnight Marauders, 47 cards each deck)

Battle Marker


USAopoly and Richard Borg,
Just wanted to send you an e-mail about your TacDex Pirate game.
While my wife and I were at GenCon, we got the chance to try out TacDex. With a coupon, we brought home the Pirate version of the game for free. While showing off the loot we got from Gen Con to our 4 (almost 5, he will tell you) year old son, He instantly wanted to look at all the TacDex cards. Being the gaming parents we were, we showed him the game, and how to play, minus the special symbols (so he could get a good hold of it.) He loved it. I mean, seriously, loved it. At least one game a night kind of loved it. He liked yelling Kraken when the Kraken came up. He cheers when he gets his own blue captain (for he always plays the black deck). The best though is when he played against his grandfather and taught him the game. 
The two of them are always "competing" in some way. That's what Papa (as we call his grandpa) has done with him since he was born. "don't you go eat all those chicken nuggets, those are mine." "Ah, you can't run back there and get your PJs on." That kind of egging on. So, when our son showed him the game, the two of them instantly went into that playful, competitive comfort zone the two of them share. There is something magical about watching the two of them say thing like "Ah-ha! Got you!" and "you're not gonna win this time!" It is a little bit of oneupmanship and a whole lot of "I love you". I cannot tell you who won the three games they played the first time at the table (though my son can). I can tell you that they will be playing it again, though... and I cannot wait to watch.
Thank you for making a fun game. Thank you for making a pirate version with art that my spoke to our son. Thank you for helping bring magical moments into our family's memories as we watch a boy and his grandfather yell Kraken.
-- Aaron and Steph