Selfie – The Game Of Silly Expressions™


The Official Selfie Game is here!

What does your selfie say? Find out with Selfie – The Game of Silly Expressions™! Draw a card, take a selfie, then watch as your friends and family guess your expression. The favorite guess gets a point and the player with the most points at the end wins. Make a silly face and SAY CHEESE because today is the day to play and share with #theselfiegame.

  • Featured at Kari Feinstein's Emmy Style Lounge!
  • Perfect for Parties and Get-Togethers with Friends
  • A Hilarious Ice Breaker
  • Play & share #theselfiegame, Instagram @theofficialselfiegame,

Ages 13+ | 4+ Players | MSRP $14.95 | 20-30 Minutes

The Official Selfie Game is available at these fabulous retailers:



"Perfect for parties, laughter-starved environments, Narcissists, and duck-face professionals alike, Selfie perfectly brings the self-taken portrait trend to life in the game aisle." - The Toy Insider

"This is the perfect game for me." - Charles, USAopoly Twitter Fan

With other board games you have a good time and get some great memories.
But with Selfie, do you not only get those, you get a digital souvenir of the event!" Scott - SAHM's Reviews

Over 360 Selfie Expression Cards

A Picture Frame for All your Selfie Needs


*Smart phone optional, play with or without

Selfie - The Game of Silly Expressions is starting to win some awards!

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