RISK®: StarCraft Collector’s Edition


Rush the Board in StarCraft Risk!

The Koprulu Sector is being ravaged by war. Now in StarCraft Risk, you must stand against your enemies as one of the three powerful factions: Protoss, Terran, or Zerg. With four ways to play, and the ultimate armies, now is the time to fight for your survival.

Ages 10+ | 2-5 players | MSRP: $49.95

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How to Play: 

Custom game board map featuring planets from the StarCraft world
333 plastic playing pieces including: 
2 Protoss Armies, 2 Terran Armies, and 2 Zerg Armies
6 Leaders (one per army): Artanis, Zeratul, Jim Raynor, Valerian Mengsk, Queen of Blades and Zagara
6 Bases: 2 Terran Command Centers, 2 Protoss Nexus’ and 2 Zerg Hatcherys
15 Cities: Mineral Fields 
7 Custom dice: 2 defense, 3 offense, 2 bonus attack dice
42 Faction/Territory cards

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