RISK®: Mass Effect™ Galaxy at War Edition


Battle for the Fate of the Universe in Mass Effect Risk

Led by Commander Shepard, a rag-tag army of the best and brightest soldiers in the galaxy is marshaled against the Reapers to ensure the light of civilization never goes dark. Now in Mass Effect Risk, choose one of three factions, each with its own victory conditions, to battle for the fate of the universe.

Ages 10+ | 3-5 players | MSRP: $49.95


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How to Play: 

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3 ways to play: Mission Objective, Classic, or Mini-Game Speed Play
Custom Designed game board Galaxy Map consisting of 6 color grouped planetary clusters totaling 42 planets
Long distance planetary connections connected by Mass Relays
War Effort Momentum meter
Reinforcement chart for building armies
System Alliance Ground Armies include: Alliance Marines, Alliance Makos
Reaper Ground Armies include: Reaper Husks, Reaper Harvester
Cerberus Ground Armies include: Assault Troopers, Atlas Mech 
Factions each represented bv 3 different classes of ship squadrons and 2 different types of ground troops
System Alliance, Reaper and Cerberus Faction Cards
Bonus mini-game that works within the larger game
Planet scanning cards
5 six-sided dice and 4 eight-sided dice