RISK®: Halo® Legendary Edition


Battle for the Universe in HALO Legendary Risk

After nearly 3 decades of war, survival has come to the tabletop in HALO Legendary Risk. With four ways to play; three custom maps; and three factions including the UNSC, the Covenant and the Flood, now is your chance to save the universe.

AGES: 10+
2-5 players
MSRP: $49.95

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How to Play: 

3 maps never before included in a table-top Risk edition, including a 60” Halo Ring Map for 3-5 players, and two 2-player maps including Anvil and Hammer that can be combined to create the Forge map for an additional 3-5 player game
Over 290 custom game pieces: UNSC Fire Bases, Marines, Scorpion Tanks and Spartans; Covenant Command Centers, Grunts, Wraith and Arbiters; Flood ProtoGraveminds, Infection Forms, Carrier Forms and Juggernaut Colonies
Mobile Teleporters
UNSC, Covenant & Flood Faction Cards
5 dice

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