MUNCHKIN®: Adventure Time™


Adventure Time Munchkin is Coming Soon!

Reaching level 10 is TRULY mathematical!

Join Jake, Finn, and the rest of the Adventure Time gang in Adventure TIme Munchkin! Battle to ward off foes,  avoid magical curses, and fight monsters in an attempt to reach level 10 and win the game! Plus, now in a Munchkin FIRST, play as one of your 8 favorite characters with new custom character cards, each posessing a power that stays with you throughout the game (gender switches still included). Play Adventure Time Munchkin on its own, or jam-mash it with other Munchkin games.

Ages 10+
3-6 Players
MSRP: $24.95
TM & © 2014 Cartoon Network. Munchkin ®, Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, used under license.


8 Character Cards with special game play featuring: Finn/Fionna, Jake/Cake, Princess Bubblegum/Prince Gumball, Marceline/Marshall Lee,  Lady Rainicorn/Lord Monochromicorn, Lumpy Space Princess/Lumpy Space Prince, Flame Princess/Flame Prince, and BMO.

168 cards custom themed Adventure Time cards
- Door cards featuring your favorite Adventure Time monsters, curses and more.
- Treasures cards featuring your favorite Adventure Time treasures such as Finn's golden sword

Custom Die featuring a shapeshifting Jake