THE GAME OF LIFE®: The Haunted Mansion® Disney Theme Park Edition (Disney Theme Parks Exclusive)


Enter The Haunted Mansion Disney Theme Park in The Game of Life

It's delightfully unlivable here in the after-LIFE. Will you attend the BOO-niversity or start a Scareer? Choose wisely along the way, for Grim Grinning ghosts will come out to socialize or derail you from the prize.
Ages 9+ | 2-6 Players | $39.95
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Available exclusively at Disney Theme Parks!

Custom spooky game board based on the Haunted Mansion ride

6 Doom Buggy Playing Pieces

Glow-in-the-dark ghost pegs that sit in the Doom Buggys as you travel the board

1 Bridge, 3 Mountains, and 7 Buildings including "Boo-niversity", "Phantom Manor", and more

54 Directive Cards including Game Objective Cards, Scareer Cards (instead of Career Cards), and Tomb Cards (instead of House Cards)

Money is transformed into a "Stack of Screams"

25 Life Tiles

24 Spin to Win Tokens

Bank Loans and Pay Raises