CLUE®: Disney Tower of Terror (Disney Theme Parks Exclusive)


Solve the Mystery in Disney Tower of Terror Clue

It's 1939 and Director Donald Duck is filming the next big picture at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. A grand party is thrown at the hotel for the cast and crew to celebrate the movie's inevitable success, but trouble suddenly strikes the gala when lightning shoots down and hits the infamous hotel.

In a bizarre twist of fate, one of the cast disappears forever into the Twilight Zone along with one of the important items used on the set.  But who was it?  And where were they when the lightning struck?  And what item has vanished? Only you can discover the truth before lightning strikes again!

Ages 8+ | 3-6 Players | MSRP: $44.95


The Twilight Zone (R) CBS, Inc (C) 2007 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (C) Disney

How to Play: 

Find this mystery board game at your closest Disney Theme Park or at the Disney Store (online only).

Game Board: Featuring The Garden Terrace (from the attraction), The Ballroom (the Tip Top Club), The Boiler Room (from the attraction), The Lobby (from the attraction), The Kitchen, The Concierge Lounge, The Billiard Room, The Guest Bedroom, and The Library (from the attraction), and The Elevator as the center square on the board
7 Custom Character Movers including Mickey Mouse as the Leading Man (White), Minnie Mouse as the Starlet (Red), Goofy as the Hotel Bellhop (Purple), Donald Duck as the Director (Green), Daisy Duck as the Child Star (Blue), and Peg Leg Pete as the Agent (Yellow)
6 Collectible "Items" including the Movie Camera, Movie Script, Mousecar (the Disney Oscar), Elevator Key, Scene Clapboard, and Suitcase
Card Envelope designed as the Hollywood Tower Hotel room key envelope