Yahtzee®: AMC® The Walking Dead®—Roll the Dice or Risk Extinction

Yahtzee®: AMC® The Walking Dead®—Roll the Dice or Risk Extinction

America’s favorite dice game just took a dangerous turn into the world of the undead, and there’s only one way to know who survives … roll the dice.

Immerse Yourself in the Post-Apocalyptic World of Yahtzee®: AMC® The Walking Dead®

Choose your favorite from among the show’s following six survivors—Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Carol, and Negan. You’ll enlist the qualities this person possesses as you battle in the post apocalyptic streets of Atlanta. If you’re a true fan of AMC® The Walking Dead® , you’ll have a good idea who can help you live to see another day.

Don’t fret, traditional Yahtzee diehards—you can still play the game the original way, scoring high with classic dice roll combinations like Full House and Large Straight.

Those who do choose to play with the ruthlessness of Negan or the quietly cunning nature of Carol will relish that this custom YAHTZEE® comes with custom game pieces as a nod to the show. These custom game board features include 5 custom dice, Battle Chance Die, 4 Game Board Pieces, 6 Heal Tokens, 6 Attack Tokens, 6 Character Movers, and 6 Character Cards.

Whether you’ve got a game night on the calendar or you’re simply looking for an alternative to your Netflix ‘n’ Chill nights, put this on your purchase list (especially since it’s technically two games in one).  YAHTZEE®: AMC The Walking Dead is available NOW at your local game shop.

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