A new global partnership between USAopoly’s signature games and designer collectibles division, Project Raygun, and Sideshow will focus on bringing   Sideshow’s Court of the Dead original concept universe to collectors in exciting new formats.

Carlsbad, California—February 18, 2017: USAopoly, Inc. is pleased to reveal their new global partnership with Sideshow, the studio behind some of the best collectible figures in the industry. The deal was brokered by Los Angeles-­‐based Evolution.

Sideshow has been producing legendary, museum­‐quality, pop culture collectibles since 1994. The studio launched an original property ‐ the Court of the Dead ‐ in 2013. The dark fantasy universe is a parable illuminating how absolute power leads to corruption. In the Court of the Dead universe, the juggernaut celestial armies of Heaven and Hell are not forces of good and evil; they are myopic forces of order and chaos, locked in a pointless and eternal stalemate war fueled by mortal souls. Enslaved to harvest souls on the celestials’ behalf, the unlikely hero, Death, and his Court of the Dead struggle to rise above their own dark natures to end this war and restore balance to the universe.

Owing to the overwhelmingly positive fan reception to Court of the Dead, Sideshow is entering into a partnership with Project Raygun to help grow the dark fantasy brand. The partners are working together to produce various new signature games and collectibles for release in late 2017 and beyond.

“Partnering with Sideshow is an honor; as fans and collectors ourselves, we know their reputation for quality and craftsmanship is second to none,” said Mike Gonzales, Vice President of Project Raygun.

A new, original Court of the Dead tabletop board game is being planned for a 2018 release. This game will expand on the lore of the property currently available as digital comics on the Court of the Dead website and in the 200‐page handbook, The Chronicles of the Underworld. The game will feature stunning, original artwork. Design is expected to start later this year.

“As gamers ourselves, gaming is baked into the DNA of the Court of the Dead. Choosing the right partner to develop a game for the property was something we were very particular about, both professionally and personally. And we could not ask for a better partner than USAopoly and Project Raygun,” said Tom Gilliland, Sideshow Chief Creative Officer and Creator of Court of the Dead.  

“The quality of games USAopoly develops, with unique mechanics and engaging storytelling, echoes the same level of quality we bring to our 3D product. The Court of the Dead game will transport you to the Underworld and have you spinning in your grave,” Gilliland continues.

A selection of 1000‐piece premium puzzles featuring Sideshow’s incredible Court of the Dead art is expected to be available in late 2017. An official tarot deck, as well as a playing card deck, infused with the charmingly morbid atmosphere of the Court, will also see release later this year. These offerings will bring the Court of the Dead universe to “un­‐life” like no other collectible available today.

“It is exciting to be able to help bring this amazing world and characters to life in new formats,” Gonzales explains. “The story and character depth that have been created for Court of the Dead offer us a rich and fertile playground to build from and this intriguing world provides a rich canvas to explore. Our goal is to add new touchstones to the world as well as an in-­‐depth experience for existing and new fans of the Court of the Dead.”

The future looks delightfully dark as well. Project Raygun is planning to release a Court of the Dead vinyl mini­‐figure line and soft prop plush characters and weaponry in 2018. The line offers a potential entry point for Court fans who are collectors but who aren’t able to enjoy Sideshow’s limited-­‐editions figures.

“Building great partnerships has been at the heart of our company for over 20 years. Centering on a collaborative process, creatively we work hard to further the stories and worlds our partners bring to life in a way that is unique to gaming and collectibles,” explains Luke Byers, Creative Director for USAopoly. “This moves fans from spectators to participants. We could not be more excited to partner with Sideshow, of whom we are gigantic fans, to develop a game that continues to expand the incredible story of Court of the Dead,” Byers continues.

Project Raygun is thrilled to be a part of expanding the footprint of the Court of the Dead with these new products—and more still under discussion. It’s safe to say that 2017— and beyond—is looking dark in the best of ways for fans of the Court of the Dead universe.

USAopoly, Inc. and Project Raygun will be at Toy Fair in New York City, February 18-­‐21. The Project Raygun’s inaugural product line is scheduled for release starting Fall 2017. For more information and details, visit Visit Sideshow at, and learn more about Court of the Dead at

About Sideshow

In 1994, Sideshow embarked on a mission to connect fans with their favorite characters from the worlds of film, television, comic books and popular culture. Sideshow continues to further that legacy today as a specialty manufacturer of both licensed and proprietary collectible products. Sideshow is also an acclaimed conceptual art and design studio. Launched in 2013 at San Diego Comic­‐Con, the Court of the Dead is Sideshow’s debut original property. The Court of the Dead is a dark fantasy universe conceived by the studio’s Chief Creative Officer, Tom Gilliland. The Court collection features some of Sideshow’s most sought‐after figures.

About Project Raygun

Cutting edge nostalgia, the finest pop art, and a contemporary retro style—Project Raygun offers all this, and more. Our products evoke childhood memories while feeding fans desire for what's been missing in the collectibles and games space—it's pop culture dreams as pulled straight from the minds of fans. We draw on the icons of the past and present as we look to the future.

Project Raygun is a pioneering initiative in the collectibles market. By fusing classic properties with original art from contemporary creators like Mondo Tees, Sideshow, and Steff Bomb, we gather collectors’ dreams and forge them into reality.

About USAopoly, Inc.

USAopoly Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of board games, collectibles, and puzzles. We’ve been producing the world’s most beloved games “with a twist,” under license from Hasbro, since 1994. Our partners include marquee brands and licensors such as Disney, Nintendo, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, HBO, FOX, and CBS. With the 2009 release of Telestrations®, named the #1 Party Game by Board Game Geek, we launched our original game business. Our portfolio of original games is constantly growing and now includes the award-­‐winning games: Telestrations After Dark®, Lift it! Deluxe®, Tapple®, Rollers®, Nefarious™ The Mad Scientist Game, and many others.

USAopoly is serious about fun and games! Our goal is to show our passion through each and every product we make. Our products are created to bring people together to share an emotional connection and make fun, memorable experiences for families, friends, game enthusiasts, fans, and collectors alike.


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