The Upcoming Release of CLUE®: AMC® THE WALKING DEAD®

August 14, 2017:

Professor Plum is on hiatus long enough for us to bring you the upcoming release of CLUE®: AMC® THE WALKING DEAD®. It’s the game you know and love but with an adrenaline infusion, as it takes place in post apocalyptic Alexandria. Immersed in The Walking Dead world, players have returned to what they think is their safe haven, only to find the guards who had been protecting their wall have perished and walkers have free rein.

Enlist your sleuthing skills to figure out WHO killed the guards, WHERE they were slain, and WHAT weapon was used to commit the murder. Rick, Daryl, Carol, Michonne, Negan, and Glenn are all in play as suspects. Yes, even sweet Glenn could have done it … in the Infirmary … with Daryl’s Crossbow!   

Custom items in homage to the show will be featured in the game, including the Custom Game Board, 6 Suspect Movers, 6 Personality Cards, 21 Rumor Cards, 21 Intrigue Cards, Custom CLUE® Sheets, an Envelope, 2 Dice, and Rules. It’ll be the six weapons, however, that every true fan of this wildly popular series will recognize. Any of the following could deliver the final blow: a Crossbow, Shot Gun, Revolver, Lucille, Knife, and Hatchet.

The end is nigh and so is the arrival of this killer game. CLUE: AMC’s The Walking Dead is coming to your local game shop very soon. Make sure to get your copy and find out if you can beat out extinction and live to see another day.

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