Trivial Pursuit®: The Big Bang Theory Is Available Now!

Trivial Pursuit®: The Big Bang Theory Is Available Now!

TRIVIAL PURSUIT® is introducing fans to the latest take on their classic and widely played game. Gaming geekdom meets rocket science (well, physics) in Trivial Pursuit®: The Big Bang Theory. If you thrive on knowing the minutest details, you’ll love that you’ll be tested on everything from Penny’s middle name to Sheldon’s bedtime when it comes to these quirky physicists. 

A Peek Inside the Super Nerdy (and Proud of It!) World of TRIVIAL PURSUIT®: The Big Bang Theory

With 600 questions on episodes that run the gamut from “The Bat Jar Conjecture” to “The Countdown Reflection”, even the biggest of devotees of the show will be challenged. Don’t shy away from the fun if you’re new to this juggernaut of a show, however, as laughs will be had regardless of your Big Bang Theory IQ. Memories will also be put to the test, as the fodder for this game is anything but trivial. In fact, much of it would test the likes of bona fide brainiacs Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Amy.

Got a trip planned? Hit the road with a big bang (sorry, had to). Use the handy wedge travel case to banish boredom and bring the fun and games with you—no board required!

Trivial Pursuit: The Big Bang Theory is now available! Look for it at your local retailer.

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