Project Raygun is Coming to Comic-Con!

Project Raygun is Coming to Comic-Con!

July 17, 2017:

It’s been an exciting year here, full of awesome projects we’ve been working hard to get ready to show off at our “home” con: San Diego Comic-Con! As a San Diego County-based company, SDCC is special to us, and we love the chance to get out and see locals as well as folks from around the globe every July.

This year we have some truly outstanding stuff to share with you. We’re thrilled to be focusing on our partnerships with the best companies out there at this year’s event. Get ready, because we’re bringing you a double dose of horror, starting with…

The Court of the Dead
Sideshow Entertainment’s unique and evocative Court of the Dead is a collector’s dream—a dream conjured up from the fertile imaginations of some of the best artists in the industry. Project Raygun is working with Sideshow to bring The Court to the masses this year.

Fancy yourself a bit of a gambler? Come by the booth and try yourself against one of the Court in a game of blackjack. You’ll be able to check out our exclusive Court of the Dead playing cards—available this fall—as you try to win a hand. Win and you’ll snag an exclusive antique-finish dealer’s coin, but don’t tarry, supplies are limited! (Even if you don’t win, you’ll get a foil-stamped joker card from the deck—so long as supplies last…)

Our SDCC-exclusive Court of the Dead puzzle features Alex Horley’s custom art of Death, Lord Supreme of the Underworld, and Shard, the only mortal ever to breach the Court’s realm. A thousand pieces of macabre masterpiece await, with a finished size of 19-inches by 17-inches. Copies of this amazingly-affordable (just $20) Court of the Dead limited-edition are sure to go quickly. Death waits for no one…

We’ll have our Court of the Dead playing card set (complete with dealer coin), more puzzles, and a special sneak-peek at our upcoming Court boardgame (due out in 2018) on display at the booth, so make sure you take the time to swing by! There’s more terror in store…

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31
Mondo is an artist collective with an impressive range of products, and we’ve had an amazing time working with them to create a game that’s going to blow people away when it releases later this year. The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 is a hidden-identity boardgame which channels the essence of the John Carpenter classic into a taut, even paranoid, gameplay experience.

The staff of Outpost 31 are trapped and there’s some…THING…out to get them. Not knowing who to trust, the expedition members must sweep through the base then make their escape on the helicopter. One wrong move can mean the assimilation of the entire human race…

We’ll have the game on display at the booth so you can see what we’ve been collaborating on with our friends in Austin. Even better, for the first 2,000 people who sign up for the Project Raygun mailing list, we’ll be offering up a 3-inch Outpost 31 patch!

We Love Seeing You
Come out and join us in celebrating a lineup of darkly awesome products. We’re hyped for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and can’t wait to talk to as many of you as possible!

The Project Raygun booth is in space #1028. You don’t want to miss the Court of the Dead cosplay dealer and the chance to win (or lose) the limited edition Court puzzle, the email-signup bonus Outpost 31 patch, or the chance to check out what we’ve got in store for you this year and next! Be sure to stop by…if you’re brave enough…