Nefarious: Becoming A Monster Expansion - Insider Blog with Ross Thompson

What!? There’s a new expansion to Nefarious coming out? That’s right! Nefarious: The Mad Scientist Game is getting a monstrous expansion. If you’ve played before, you know that Nefarious puts players in the role of a mad scientist—building inventions, sending Spies for espionage, and collecting more money to fuel your schemes. The goal is to form a strategy to stay ahead of the other players, inventing crazy machines and other devices to get 20 victory points before your opponents.

In the Becoming A Monster Expansion, you’ll find new technologies and more methods to support your madness. Be ready for cutting edge Inventions with reusable abilities, unpredictable Twists, sending Spies to new places, and other monstrous Twists that insert new Action cards to the game—Develop, Experiment, and Produce.

The expansion will feature 20 new Invention cards, 25 new Twist cards, and 3 special Role cards that only work with certain Twists, adding a whole new level of complexity to this already provocative pursuit. All these new inventions can affect other player’s machines, cards, and points. The new Twists change the game up even more, adding new ways to play on the familiar Nefarious mechanic. Will you give Armed and Dangerous a shot, or will you try Toying with the Fate of Mankind?

You will also gain three more Action cards to play—Develop, Experiment, and Produce. These Action cards can be added to the ones in the base game and provide players with new actions to play. Develop allows you to discard Inventions you’ve already played to play a new Invention at a discount. Out with the old, in with the new! This helps you get those expensive Inventions out there faster. You wouldn’t be a scientist without some experiments, too! With this new Action, you draw an Invention card, which you can play immediately. This helps you work on more Inventions in your attempt for world domination. Then, to keep your industry moving forward, the Produce action helps you gain more money. The Produce card gains you money for each Invention of the player with the most Inventions. Here’s the best part—it doesn’t even need to be you! These monstrous cards add a lot to the base game of Nefarious, and all the different strategies to win make it that much more exciting.

Along with the new Action cards, this monstrous expansion includes 3 Role cards that move between players, a turn countdown card, and a countdown token. What’s with these scientists and their countdown clocks!? The Role cards come into the game depending on the Twist cards that are in play.

These new Twists add even more monstrosity to Nefarious. The Minions in High Places Twist adds The Mole card, which means the oldest player starts with the Mole and it passes around the board during the game. The player with the Mole collects double money from Spies, which really makes you want to send them out! The Poor Little Orphan Twist adds the Orphan role card which is passed around when you play the Research card. The player with the Orphan card loses money at the beginning of each turn. Super Spy and Double Agent are two even newer Twists that use the turn tracker. During the game, these cards trigger and cause all sorts of crazy mayhem.

Are you ready to become the ultimate mad scientist and take over the world? Nefarious: The Mad Scientist Game, Becoming A Monster Expansion will be available May 2017.

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