Going Stir Crazy? Let These Games Come to Your Rescue

Going Stir Crazy? Let These Games Come to Your Rescue

Staying Sane by Playing Games

When it comes to fighting Cabin Fever, the struggle is real. The walls are closing in, the heat is always on, and the sun is a distant memory. We begin to think of beaches and bathing suits around this time of year but, more often than not, Mother Nature is conjuring up some late season snowstorms and monsoon-level rains. You might have to keep your boogie board under wraps for a few more months, but that doesn’t mean that plenty of fun can’t be had right inside your own home. Whether it’s an already-planned “staycation” or an impromptu snow day, a game night (or game day!) is always a good idea.

Combat Cabin Fever with games that are fun for all ages. Engage in a round of Tapple or Tapple 10 for fast-paced fun the whole family will love. The best part? Both are wonderfully high-energy word games, so you’ll sneak some learning in on the fly. Prefer something a bit more active? Get your head in the game with a few rounds of Lift It!. Players create structures with their heads or hands all while under the pressure of a ticking clock. If you’re looking for something to get the giggles going, choose the #1 LOL party game, Telestrations 8 Player. You can get the whole fam in on this pass-and-sketch (and laugh!) adventure, and don’t worry about your artistic abilities, as it’s all in good family fun. If you’re seeking something more along the lines of a poker game for a guys night, get rowdy with Rollers. With luck and strategy rolled into one, this game is for the gambler at heart.

Tap into the Tomfoolery With Tapple

Are you hunkering down with some wordsmiths? Break out the Tapple! Simply choose a category, say (or scream!) a word that fits, tap the first letter of that word, and pass the Tapple wheel. If it sounds too simplistic for you, remember that the timer adds a whole new level of pressure. The key is to think on your feet, and to use the moments as the timer is passed to come up with a word that will fit. Once you’re done, though, make sure to press the timer ASAP so you can put your opponents on the spot. Tapple is phenomenally fun and mentally challenging, sneaking a bit of learning in under the radar of tiny suspicious noses. Tapple 10 is the travel card game version of Tapple boasting 10-games-in-1! Tapple 10 shares the same fast-paced action as is Tapple, but with 10 different ways to play. The handy travel case holds the cards and sand timer for on-the-go fun!

Telestrations: The Laugh-Out-Loud Party Game

You went on a ski weekend with a group you don’t know all that well, and you got snowed in. Don’t panic! Telestrations is the ideal icebreaker for everyone from your practically-Picasso-pal to your hopelessly inartistic six-year-old. The telephone game sketched out, the play alternates between drawing and guessing. After each sketch or guess, players flip a page in the booklet and pass it to the next player. Everyone then takes the booklet in front of them and flips back one page in order to see the previous player’s sketch or guess. This continues until everyone has his or her original sketchbook. One person will flip through what evolved throughout the process, and this is where the LOLs abound. With over 1,700 words, 8 dry erase sketch books, 8 dry erase markers, and 8 cloths for cleanup, this is the game that keeps on giving.

Let ‘Em Roll With Rollers

Looking for an old-fashioned guys night—hold the smoky room and raunchy jokes? This fast-paced dice game is good, clean fun for those who love poker but haven’t yet perfected their poker face. Involving a combination of luck, skill, and strategy, you never know what’s going to happen. As long as you avoid the dreaded “zap”, the game goes at a breakneck pace. Be the first to get to 5 points to win at this lively and addictive extravaganza.

Get Your Head in the Game With Lift It!

Cabin Fever gets even worse at the witching hour. Get everyone up and active for a raucous game of Lift It!. Players can use their hands or heads to create structures using the Lift It! crane, all while under the pressure of the user-friendly digital timer app (available for free in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store!). Recharge those batteries with this fun and festive tactile game. 

You can pick up these game titles wherever you buy board games so, if you’re planning a “staycation” soon or just want to be prepared when Cabin Fever strikes, pick up your copies today!