Get Ready For Game Night After Dark

Get ready for Game Night After Dark
For better or worse, the holidays mean family time. Hopefully you fall into the “better” category but, if not, we know something that can ease the tension—family game night. And if you cringe at the thought of spending time in shoes other people have worn, perhaps it’s time to ditch the bowling night tradition. With the temperatures beginning to take a serious nosedive, there is no better time to hunker down, throw a log on the fire, crank the Christmas jams, and let your inner game geeks take the wheel.
The children are nestled all snug in their beds;
Let’s break out the wine, both the whites and the reds! Now that the wee ones are sleeping, it’s time to get a bit naughty—in the best way, of course. We’ve got two great games for your next adult gathering, so start planning your guest list. First and foremost, Telestrations After Dark™ lets you channel your inner artist by sketching words or phrases chosen from the cards. The pad is passed for everyone to guess what the drawing actually is until … drumroll, please … THE BIG REVEAL. Don’t worry if your art is more preschool than Picasso, as that’s when the giggle really get going. We do have one word of warning, though: The naughty side could be revealed, but that’s the best part! What happens during family game night stays at family game night. That should be an unofficially official rule, so if you haven’t enforced it in your household, we highly recommend it (especially if any of your guests plan on running for public office).  
The wine has been flowing and the last Swedish meatball has been eaten, so it’s time to get wonky. Once the night really gets rolling, it’s time to bring out the big games. And by that we, mean Wonky®: The Unstable Adult Party Game. Players in this game choose a protocol card and, depending on what the card says, they might begin building a tower with one of the blocks. You could get an action card, skipping your turn or switching the direction of play. Things get challenging as the tower building progresses, and you’re not likely to be successful if you’ve positioned yourself next to Aunt Edna’s super strong eggnog. Once the tower collapse, the rules will mandate you to do something wonky from the game’s cards. Whether you’re a master tower builder or a bombastic bungler, things will surely get wonky, and that’s (literally!) the name of the game. The best part, however, has to be when someone draws a Side Effects card. From not giving one another eye contact and everyone talking in funny accents to no pointing and, of course, the “Everyone Drinks” mandate, these cards take the game night to the next level. The only known side effects from the Side Effects cards have been urination in the pants and beverages coming out noses. So be prepared with napkins (and possibly extra underwear).   
Don’t waste the adults-only time on another viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life. 
Spoiler alert: He’s not really dead! Allow these games to transform your holiday season. Whether you use them to amp up the energy level at your next family game night or enlist them to become the star of your annual White Elephant party, Telestrations After Dark and Wonky: The Unstable Party Game will not disappoint.