Coming Soon: CLUE®: The Golden Girls

Instead of solving a murder mystery as in the original version, it’s a case of “Who ate the last piece of cheesecake?” (Oh no, she didn’t!) in the upcoming release of CLUE®: The Golden Girls. It’s the same concept but instead of Professor Plum in the kitchen with the candlestick, it could very well be Dorothy in Sophia’s bedroom, having left behind a can of whipped cream. And as anyone who loves cheesecake knows, there’s no stopping until this heinous atrocity gets the justice it deserves.

Call upon your gumshoe gumption to get to the bottom of WHO ate the last piece of cheesecake, WHERE they dared commit such a crime, and WHAT iconic item from The Golden Girls was left at the scene.

Six fan favorites from the show will be the main “suspects” in the game, including Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, Blanche, Stan, and Miles. The list of game components is extensive, including the following: The Game Board (map of Blanche’s house), 6 Suspect Movers, 6 Personality Cards, 6 Item “Weapon” Tokens (Lipstick, Whipped Cream, Rattan Chair, Sophia’s Purse, Bathrobe, Feathered Slipper) 21 Rumor Cards, 25 Distraction Cards), Custom Score Pad, CLUE® Envelope, Rule Book and 2 six-sided dice.

The Distraction Cards have the most potential to throw players off the scent, as the game could be won as players get distracted by things a shopping spree or neighbor drama. And along with each character role, each player is assigned a specific character ability card. For example, once per game, Blanche may randomly pick a card to look at from someone you just showed a card to. You’ll be surprised by how much strategy goes into this cheesecake whodunit!

Make sure to get to your local retailer before the final crumb of guilt hits the floor, as CLUE®: The Golden Girls will be here before you can say, “Who, me?”.

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