We’ve dared to take a classic game and give it a spectacularly ominous spin with the upcoming release of YAHTZEE®: AMC® THE WALKING DEAD®. Yahtzee purists will love that they can still play the game the traditional way, scoring sky high with classic dice roll combinations like Full House and Large Straight. The other option is to roll the dice—both literally and figuratively—as players find themselves themselves in the dangerous post-apocalyptic streets of Atlanta. 

Choose your fave from among the following six survivors—Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Carol, and Negan—all while enlisting the special ability this character possesses. Take no mercy against your fellow players as you attempt to battle extinction and live to see another day.

If you’re one of the many fans who curses at the TV every time an episode of The Walking Dead ends (It’s over already!?), you’ll love that this rendition is an extension of this smash hit of a series. It comes with custom game board features, including the following: 5 custom dice, Battle Chance Die, 4 Game Board Pieces, 6 Heal Tokens, 6 Attack Tokens, 6 Character Movers, and 6 Character Cards. Immerse yourself in the world of walkers or play it the classic way—whatever you choose, this is the perfect addition to your next game night.

Two games in one, this is a purchase you’ll want to put on your zombie-loving radar.  YAHTZEE®: AMC® The Walking Dead® is coming to your local game shop very soon. Could you be the last one standing? There’s only one way to find out … roll the dice.

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