Behind the Scenes with Adventure Time Munchkin 2 - It’s a Dungeon Crawl!

Adventure Time Munchkin 2 It's a Dungeon Crawl Behind the Scenes


Adventure Time Munchkin is Back With an Expansion Pack

We are so lumpin’ happy because Adventure Time Munchkin 2 – It’s a Dungeon Crawl is arriving right… now! We’ve teamed up once again with Steve Jackson Games and Cartoon Network to create an extended version of the most mathematical game in the Land of OOO, and we’re hoping big time that it pleases you.
Complete with new Monsters, Treasures, and Dungeons galore, Adventure Time Munchkin 2 continues the journey of the first Adventure Time Munchkin with added game play and new ALGEBRAIC twists. This expansion is not a stand-alone game and Munchkin Adventure Time is required to play.
Want to know more about what’s inside the game? Then pick up your swords and put on your battlin’ boots because we’re about to take you on a fantastical voyage!

What’s Inside Adventure Time Munchkin 2 It’s a Dungeon Crawl

Now is the time to become the greatest adventurer of all, but what if you’re lost and stuck with no one to call? Have no fear, because the answers to all your questions are here. Let’s take a hop inside Adventure Time Munchkin 2 and find out what this adventurous world has waiting for you!
Double-Sized Dungeon Cards – with 12 Dungeon cards that are double the size of classic Munchkin cards, you’ll be traveling from land to land in style. Dungeon cards also add new game play for EVERYONE while they’re in play.
Portal Cards - Now you can travel through different Dungeons via your favorite type of door: a portal! With different portal cards, your traveling wish is our dungeon command!
Monsters – Need even more monsters to battle? Well, we’re bringing in the monster heat! Get ready, because you’re going to need your wits about you to fight these terrors! 
New Thief Class – While being a Musician, a Hero, Royalty, or a Wizard are nothing to laugh at, being a Thief is the only way to capture the real treasures!
New Armor & Weapons - You can't battle without armor and weapons, and this time around we're providng only the best for warriors like you!
New Curses - Sometimes you just have to put a curse on your enemies, and now you can with all new Curse cards.
New Allies - And last but not least, where would you be without friends helping you out? With new allies, you can build up your defense in battle!
Now that you've seen what's inside, we hope you're ready for the adventure that awaits you in Munchkin: Adventure Time 2 A Dungeon Crawl!
MUNCHKIN: Adventure Time 2 - It's A Dungeon Crawl is available in the U.S. at your local game and toy stores, at specialty retailers, and online. Still have questions?  Email us at with any feedback or comments.