MUNCHKIN: X-Men Edition offers yet another riveting take on the highly revered monster-slaying game MUNCHKIN. Melding the thrill of Marvel’s X-Men collection with the role-playing whimsy of MUNCHKIN, players take on the role of students who are attending Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. You’ll team up with the likes of Professor X, Wolverine, and other mighty mutants to defeat enemies Juggernaut, Sabretooth, and, of course, Magneto. MUNCHKIN: X-Men Edition will include 128 Door and Treasure cards, four player Role cards, four level trackers, game rules, and a custom die.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Non-Stop Action That is MUNCHKIN Marvel: X-Men Edition

Ally Cards – Team up with Wolverine and have him be your closest ally. Female players can gain an extra two points by calling on Storm, while Colossus helps the underdog by adding two points to the player in last place.

Armor and Weapon Cards – Even Sabretooth and Wolverine wouldn’t dare take on the enemy completely empty handed. Arm yourself for maximum battle potential with Magneto’s Helmet, Psylocke’s Katana, and really amp up with Cable’s Arsenal. Muramasa’s Blade offers two extra points for anyone who’s unfortunate enough to find themselves in battle alone.

Monster Cards – Level up as you defeat the villainous likes of Silver Samurai! You can’t have a proper game without formidable enemies, and Munchkin: X-Men Edition has plenty of them. Prepare for battle with monsters that almost seem to know you’re coming. From Silver Samurai and Graydon Creed to the furiously fierce Lady Deathstrike, these are no ordinary villains.

Trap Cards – Don’t get cocky if you navigate the game with seeming ease; a trap will get you soon enough. Whether The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants costs you five points in your next combat session or you lose two levels to Legacy Virus, the traps are nearly inevitable.

Now you know the peril and excitement that lies ahead with MUNCHKIN: X-Men Edition. Do you have what it takes to team up with Xavier’s elite and take down some of the most malevolent villains in the Marvel Universe?

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