Back to School with Telestrations!

Back to School with Telestrations

August 23, 2017

It’s that time of year. The long dog days of summer are slowly being replaced with shorter days, cooler breezes and the anticipation of the first day of school. Store shelves are stocked with new pens, binders and backpacks but this year, why not add a board game to your back-to-school list?

Research has shown the many benefits of playing games in the classroom, ranging from an increased level of student engagement to adding an overall feeling of positivity in the classroom. Games help to motivate students and encourage team interaction. But not all games are created equal when adding them to the classroom mix. Telestrations™, the award winning telephone game sketched out, is a perfect “first day of school” ice breaker. Students simultaneously sketch, pass and reveal their drawings based on specific words. Teachers can use the provided content, or add subject specific words for their individual classes. Telestrations would make the perfect gift for your favorite educator! At its core, Telestrations is about communication. Even a simple word drawn in a unique way can have a hilarious outcome. Telestrations is a perfect way to bring students from a broad variety of backgrounds together in a unique experiential way. And after all, laughter is really the great equalizer.

For the college bound crowd, Telestrations™ After Dark™ offers a more grownup version of the original game. The concept is the same – draw from one of the words or phrases and then guess what you saw. The outcome is funny, potentially embarrassing, weird and just naughty. It’s just what you need for that first dorm gathering or after a late night cramming session. And just like the original game, Telestrations After Dark is a great way for people to get to know each other – but in some instances, perhaps a bit too well!

There is even a Spanish edition of Telestrations – coming soon!  Playing Telestrations™ Spanish is an excellent way for Spanish teachers to not only reinforce what has been taught but also offers a creative way to introduce new content to students. Dibuja lo que ves, luego adivina lo que viste. ¡Todos los jugadores  dibujan, pasan, adivinan y ríen simultáneamente para revelar resultados divertidos e impredecibles! If you’d like to know what that means, you should add Telestrations Spanish to your back-to-school list!

Teachers and students alike will all benefit from having a fun and engaging new tool in their back-to-school arsenal. Telestrations is a great way to encourage students to interact whether they are in the awkward middle school years, off to high school or venturing away