Making Comic-Mas: Celebrate 25 Years of Tim Burton's Nightmare with USAopoly

What's This? Limited Edition Games, Previews, and SDCC Exclusive Prizes

"Christmas in July" is about to get quite literal for board game enthusiasts getting suited and booted to see what's in store at San Diego Comic-Con 2018! USAopoly will be shaking things up at booth #1028, so check out how we're decked out to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas!

SDCC 2018 USAopoly

Let the Wading Game Begin: Super Mario Bros.™ Power Up: Underwater Edition is Coming Soon!

Prepare for a throwback to your childhood or an introduction to a cool hidden place in the depths of one of Nintendo’s most memorable video games! The secret underwater world of the Mushroom Kingdom awaits you in the Super Mario Bros.™ Power Up Card Game, which takes you beyond the Warp Zone to “paddle” it out with your friends and win with the highest level of all!

Blank Slate: The Game Where _________ Minds Think Alike is Coming Soon!


Think fast! Name something that can go with this word:  LIME ___________

If filling in the blank was a snap, you’ve got what it takes to start playing Blank Slate! Get ready for an original new party game that works your word association skills and shows how well you can get a read on your fellow improvisators. Complete with everything you need for addictive fun and surprises, this Target exclusive is slated (okay, give us another word) to come out this summer!

Blank Slate Coming Soon!

That’s ‘Fessed Up! Five Things You’ll Find Out About Your Friends by Playing Privacy


In observance of Tell the Truth Day today, we're admitting to using an off-the-cuff "listicle" to inform our trusty fans about the new activity for their next non-digital hangout. Our hope is that this candid collection of enumerated witticisms will inspire you to be so honest and open that the confessions—er, winning points—come pouring out to make for an epic game night of Privacy.

Privacy Board Game

Checkmate! A Collector’s Chess Set to Celebrate Mickey Mouse is Coming Soon!

It doesn't take more than two round ears and a waving white glove to see that a certain character is about to transport you to a happy place, just with his high-pitched chuckle! Joined as always by familiar friends, the one and only Mickey Mouse is celebrating a milestone—90 magical years since his remarkable debut! Now, he's about to become a part of your favorite game collection, so choose a partner and prepare to play. Disney Mickey: The True Original Collector’s Chess Set is coming soon!

Take Honor to a New Level This Summer with Samurai Jack™: Back to the Past!

July 2, 2018

It’s been a year since fans of critically acclaimed Adult Swim series Samurai Jack™ last checked in with their hero, after trailing his time traveling mission to reinstate the harmony disrupted by arch nemesis Aku’s reign. Hailed for its eye-catching art style and relatable characters, Samurai Jack had followers looking to fill a void at the conclusion of what many would call the end of an emotional saga.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Father’s Day Gifts for The Guy Who Has Enough Ties

With the breadth of fictional action heroes fighting steadfastly from the big screen with tales of bravery, triumph, and defeat, it’s easy to forget that the real MVPs of the summer season are the ones who will be spearheading an inevitable stream of barbecues, camping trips, and ballgames. That makes June the most appropriate month of all to celebrate dads, so for Father’s Day this year, give the paternal figure of your family something he’ll actually want to pack the car with besides the beverage cooler.


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