USAopoly Debuts Seven New Games at Gen Con Indy 2014

Let the Gen Con Games Begin

Gen Con, the biggest gaming convention in the world, is tomorrow! And this year, we’re planning on gettin’ rowdy at the USAopoly booth (#343) with the debut of SEVEN new games! So suit up gamer friends, because these are the games coming your way:

USAopoly Gen Con Game Premieres

1. Bang!: The Walking Dead Edition - First time EVER available to the public
2. Bang!: Halo Edition -vFirst time EVER available to the public
3. Reverse Charades - First time available by USAopoly
USAopoly New Games at Gen Con 2014

Comic Con 2014: What’s New at the USAopoly Booth?

USAopoly Comic Con Board Game Exclusives

Calling Fellow Gamer Geeks – Comic Con is almost here which means it’s time for gaming, cosplaying, watching panels, and announcing our Comic Con exclusives! 
So what exclusives do we have for you this year?
We’ll give you a hint. We want to tell you WHO will be featured, but we don’t know his real name. And we want to give you a token of our appreciation, but Sheldon is trying not to let us!


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