June 2018

Monopoly: Disney Tim Burton’s  The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 Years


June 29, 2018:

On game days, or game nights, say the answers and play nice... Tim Burton’s Nightmare is 25!

Jack Skellington had his heart set on introducing a new-fangled festivity to his hometown, and with Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, so shall you! Monopoly®: Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 Years is AVAILABLE NOW for you to embrace a commemorative new way to play!

Monopoly: Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 Years

July 2, 2018

It’s been a year since fans of critically acclaimed Adult Swim series Samurai Jack™ last checked in with their hero, after trailing his time traveling mission to reinstate the harmony disrupted by arch nemesis Aku’s reign. Hailed for its eye-catching art style and relatable characters, Samurai Jack had followers looking to fill a void at the conclusion of what many would call the end of an emotional saga.

Samurai Jack™: Back to the Past!

Luckily for the animated sci-fi crowd who holds the warrior’s epic story among their favorites, it won’t be long before we can relive those moments of victory and defeat. Board game and cartoon loyalists alike will finally have the best of both worlds when Samurai Jack: Back to the Past hits store shelves!

With the breadth of fictional action heroes fighting steadfastly from the big screen with tales of bravery, triumph, and defeat, it’s easy to forget that the real MVPs of the summer season are the ones who will be spearheading an inevitable stream of barbecues, camping trips, and ballgames. That makes June the most appropriate month of all to celebrate dads, so for Father’s Day this year, give the paternal figure of your family something he’ll actually want to pack the car with besides the beverage cooler.

Presenting some goof-proof hobby games to show the Super Hero in your life that there’s no one else you’d rather have saving you from the misfortune of Mom saying no!