May 2018



We’re all too familiar with reaching that phase in a friendship when courtesy becomes a thing of the past and true colors start to show. Conversations get more personal, off-color remarks aren’t off-limits, and soon you’re finding yourself wondering just what lines you can and can’t cross with the people you’re close to (or so you thought).

At the next big get-together, you won’t have to wonder how to go about broaching those taboo topics. Learn the s#!t you’ve always wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask when you’re finally able to get your hands on Privacy!

Thanos Rising Splash Event

We’re excited to announce our Thanos Rising: Avengers: Infinity War splash event is scheduled from May 15-June 16! Participating game stores will have volunteers overseeing in store play events for Thanos Rising: Avengers: Infinity War. Free promo cards and buttons will be available for players while supplies last.

Follow along on our social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to check out the event from May 15-June 16! If you’re participating, share your photos with us on social media using #ThanosRising and tagging @USAopoly.