March 2018

Fallout Chess is Available Now!

March 22, 2018

It’s time to exercise the “I” in your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. training!

In this classic strategy game of Chess, opponents will skirmish with a few of the Wasteland’s most iconic heroes and villains!  Inspired by Vault-tec design, the set is fashioned to appear unearthed from the post-war nuclear landscape, featuring a tarnished game board design and weathered vinyl pieces.

A Wrinkle in Time Available Now

March 20, 2018:

Bring the limitless possibilities of time and space travel to a tabletop world that you can create and explore with Disney A Wrinkle in Time: A Daring Adventure Game!

In stores now for fans to further embrace one of this year’s most highly-anticipated sci-fi fantasy films, this cooperative dice game allows players to take on the roles of Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin in a fun and engaging mission to defeat the Darkness and rescue Mr. Murry!

A collection of exciting gadgets and game components featuring images and scenery from the Walt Disney Pictures film welcomes adventurers of all kinds to find out what makes this highly STEM-focused gameplay an unassumingly educational experience.

March 7, 2018:

Get ready for the most daring battle in Marvel history as your favorite heroes battle against Thanos! Our newest tabletop battle game, Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War, is inspired by the upcoming Marvel Studios theatrical release.

The cooperative dice and card game features an eye-catching 120 mm, custom-sculpted figure of Marvel villain Thanos among more than 190 intricate game components. The prominent centerpiece oversees a detailed galaxy setting that welcomes players to recruit their favorite heroes and join forces that will defeat the power-hungry villain on his mission to collect all six stones of the Infinity Gauntlet. Build upon the strengths of the characters on your team, as well as other players!