October 2017

Ghoulish Games Giveaway
October 16, 2017:

A Frightful Game Night!

Spooky! Scary! Ghoulish Games for ALL!

It’s the season for tricks and treats and we are excited to treat you with The Ghoulish Games Giveaway. We love the Halloween season here at USAopoly and are looking forward to celebrating with you!

Starting October 17th and running until October 23rd, you can enter to win frightfully awesome ghoulish games including CLUE® Supernatural, MONOPOLY®: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, TRIVIAL PURSUIT® AMC® The Walking Dead®, Telestrations After Dark and much more!

The Ghoulish Games Giveaway features products from our favorite spooky brands! One winner will be selected each day.

The Ghoulish Games Giveaway

Fallout Operation

October 11, 2017:

Is there a Doctor in the Vault? Vault Boy is in desperate need of a steady hand, so grab your Pip-Boy and your tweezers, and head to the operation room, stat!

It’s okay if you only have a theoretical degree -- in physics or in human anatomy. All you need to make sure you do is to avoid setting off the RADS meter as you attempt to remove Vault Boy’s Charlie Horse and “Adam” Bomb. If you’re successful, then you earn caps! If you fail, then it’s time to call in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L.-ist. Once all the ailments have been removed, the richest Doctor wins.

October 10, 2017

Get ready to paint the board RED and BLU with the brand new MONOPOLY®: Team Fortress 2! Visit familiar Team Fortress 2 maps like Teufort, Badwater Basin, Well, and Gravel Pit using one of six custom tokens to make your way across the board to declare yourself King of the Hill!