August 2017

August 14, 2017:

Professor Plum is on hiatus long enough for us to bring you the upcoming release of CLUE®: AMC® THE WALKING DEAD®. It’s the game you know and love but with an adrenaline infusion, as it takes place in post apocalyptic Alexandria. Immersed in The Walking Dead world, players have returned to what they think is their safe haven, only to find the guards who had been protecting their wall have perished and walkers have free rein.

Clue Rick and Morty Product Announcement

August 11, 2017:

CLUE®: Rick and Morty™ Back in Blackout Edition has arrived, changing the universe forever! Unfortunately, unless you figure out WHO stole the plans for Rick’s Portal Gun, WHERE they are hiding and WHAT item they used in the heist, that change is going to be for the worse.

Ahem. Morty, Summer, Beth, Mr. Poopybutthole...Jerry. Now, I know you guys are ready to pitch in to help track down the thief, but it’s not going to be easy. It’s a really big universe. You know. Huge. Better start looking for the culprit. Shoo.

Hmmmm, Bird Planet, Pluto, Gazorpazorp—ugh, maybe even the Citadel of Ricks. That villain is out there. Doing…something…you gotta find ‘em!