July 2017

Project Raygun is Coming to Comic-Con!

July 17, 2017:

It’s been an exciting year here, full of awesome projects we’ve been working hard to get ready to show off at our “home” con: San Diego Comic-Con! As a San Diego County-based company, SDCC is special to us, and we love the chance to get out and see locals as well as folks from around the globe every July.

This year we have some truly outstanding stuff to share with you. We’re thrilled to be focusing on our partnerships with the best companies out there at this year’s event. Get ready, because we’re bringing you a double dose of horror, starting with…

The Court of the Dead
Sideshow Entertainment’s unique and evocative Court of the Dead is a collector’s dream—a dream conjured up from the fertile imaginations of some of the best artists in the industry. Project Raygun is working with Sideshow to bring The Court to the masses this year.

July 14, 2017:

Codenames has taken the world by storm! Now the hit social word game, with over one million units sold, has landed in the Marvel Universe! In the Marvel Edition of Codenames it’s a battle between team S.H.I.E.L.D. team and team HYDRA to see who can identify their team’s Asset Cards first. A Key Card, visible only to the team Directors indicates what Asset Cards belong to their team. Test your knowledge and strategic clue-giving skills as you help your team guess characters and items from Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man and more!

Whether you are guessing or giving the clues, the Marvel Edition of Codenames is a must for Marvel fans everywhere! Coming fall 2017 to your favorite game retailers.

The Legend of Zelda Product Announcement

July 14, 2017:

If anything is sure, it’s that Hyrule will come under threat. This time, that threat comes in the form of Dark Lord Ganondorf, who has stolen the Triforce and threatens all of Hyrule with ruin!

Ganondorf must be stopped, but how? There is a prophecy which tells of a hero who will stand before the Dark Lord Ganondorf and defeat him. But the prophecy is unclear, and time is running out. You must discover the truth, before Hyrule is lost. Link™, Darunia, Impa, Rauru, Nabooru, or Zelda™...who is it that Ganondorf must fear?