May 2017

Instead of solving a murder mystery as in the original version, it’s a case of “Who ate the last piece of cheesecake?” (Oh no, she didn’t!) in the upcoming release of CLUE®: The Golden Girls. It’s the same concept but instead of Professor Plum in the kitchen with the candlestick, it could very well be Dorothy in Sophia’s bedroom, having left behind a can of whipped cream. And as anyone who loves cheesecake knows, there’s no stopping until this heinous atrocity gets the justice it deserves.

Call upon your gumshoe gumption to get to the bottom of WHO ate the last piece of cheesecake, WHERE they dared commit such a crime, and WHAT iconic item from The Golden Girls was left at the scene.

We know you’ve been waiting. Lurking. Checking all the fan sites. You want Rick and Morty. You need Rick And Morty. You’re about to get…

MUNCHKIN: Rick And Morty!

Gear up for a load of new adventures with your favorite dysfunctional super genius and his, uh, grandson Morty. You want demons? Got those. You want aliens? Check!

Come for the Amish Cyborgs, stay for the High Schoolers, Super Geniuses, and even Songwriters! (Yes, Songwriters.)

All that and a whole lot more, coming soon to a game and toy store near you!

The Triforce has been stolen. Dark Lord Gannondorf is threatening Hyrule. But there is hope yet, in a prophecy—a prophecy which foretells Gannondorf’s downfall! The thrill of the search for the meaning of this cryptic puzzle is coming soon, with CLUE: The Legend of Zelda.

Though Gannondorf is a perilous foe, one hero will be able to defeat him—provided they have the right magical item, and that they’re able to track him to his lair… All you need to do is deduce which of the
six heroes, six magical treasures, and six locations is the right combination.