March 2017

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of MONOPOLY®: AMC THE WALKING DEAD©. While the goal of the game is still to bankrupt your fellow players, this version takes place on the perilous post-apocalypse. Channel your inner Rick-like alter ego to stay a step ahead of those looking to bring you down.

Players will buy, sell, and trade locations that will be well known to true fans of this monster hit of a TV show. Navigate the game with your tried and true MONOPOLY®  techniques while trying to avoid extinction and survive another day. The Walking Dead© devotees will love seeing these custom game board locations, such as Alexandria, The Savior’s Compound and Hilltop.

MONOPOLY®: Dragon Ball Z Available Now

Raise Your Power Level and Charge them rent! In this episode of Dragon Ball Z, we find the Z-fighters in an epic battle of dice rolling and real estate! Recruit legendary warriors like GOKU, VEGETA and GOHAN to help in this adventure of MONOPOLY®: Dragon Ball Z! Take a chance to be the richest fighter in the world as you encounter the RED RIBBON ARMY and the CAPSULE CORP. Friends like BULMA and MASTER ROSHI can help you along the way on your path to greatness!

Licensed by TOEI, MONOPOLY®: Dragon Ball Z comes with all kinds of unique components such as 6 custom tokens featuring items from across the Dragon Ball Z universe, custom houses as the Kame House and hotels as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, custom Community Chest cards are the CAPSULE CORP and custom Chance cards as the RED RIBBON ARMY.

Relax with Fallout® Nuka-Cola Checkers Available Now

You work hard for your money and you deserve to relax. After a long day solving the problems of what sometimes seems like every single person you come across, there’s nothing quite like kicking back with a Nuka-Cola and showing your companions who the real “King” is.

This edition of the classic game is perfect for any Fallout® fan. It features an illustrated game board with classic Fallout® “pin up” stylings, and two sets of caps: Nuka-Cola, and Nuka-Cola Quantum. 

Don’t wait around. Pick up your Fallout® Nuka-Cola Checkers set today at fine establishments across the Wasteland.