January 2017

Paranormal lovers and gamers alike will relish the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test on all things TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Supernatural. The TV series has been a bona fide hit, and its transition into the gaming world as part of this classic pastime will surely be just as popular.

Boasting 600 questions about the adventures of the Winchester brothers, show locations, angels and demons, creatures, and more, this game will surely stump even the most faithful of Supernatural superfans. And it’s mobile—use the handy wedge travel case to bring the fun and games with you on your next road trip.

A Peek Inside the Scintillating Paranormal World of TRIVIAL PURSUIT® SUPERNATURAL: Join the Hunt

Why is no one singing? Why is no one dancing? It’s JENGA®: Bob’s Burgers for crying out loud! In this edition of JENGA®, players choose one of their favorite characters from Bob’s Burgers with the optional extended gameplay to prove who is the best Burger Boss in town. Players utilize this added gameplay to spin the spinner and move up the tower to defeat Jimmy Pesto who sits at the top. This game comes with 6 player cards, a spinner, 6 custom peg movers and a full set of JENGA® blocks. 

JENGA®: Bob’s Burgers will be available in March 2017 at game & toy stores, as well as, specialty retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

Order up! Fresh from the kitchen is a new tasty edition of MONOPOLY® as Bob’s Burgers makes it way to tables everywhere. MONOPOLY®: Bob’s Burgers Edition mashes up everyone’s favorite game with Bob and the rest of the Belcher family. Buy, sell and trade locations from “Seymour’s Bay” while reliving your favorite moments from the TV show. Players will move around the board as their favorite custom figural token featuring Bob, Linda, Gene, Louise, Teddy and fan favorite Tina. This game is full of goodies like the custom illustrated Chance and Community Chest cards by the designers from the show! 

MONOPOLY®: Bob’s Burgers Edition will be available February 2017 at game & toy stores, as well as specialty retailers in the U.S. and Canada.